Smartpractice is comprised of a small team of experts which means that when you engage our childcare consultant services you always know who you will be working with and can rest assured of their impeccable credentials. We work closely with all our clients to ensure that they get exactly the right advice and bespoke support required to move their business forward.

We work with:

  • Investors and new ventures UK and worldwide
  • Individual settings and small nursery groups
  • Corporate and University childcare provision

What makes us different?

All our consultancy is delivered by industry professionals with hands on experience. Our suggestions will be based on practice that has been tried and tested in our own setting, delivered by our practitioners and proven to work effectively. There are plenty of people who can offer advice to early years settings on how to open and run a nursery, what makes us different is:

We have our own outstanding nursery where we constantly review practices and invite our consultancy clients to come and experience how we operate.

We offer

  • Advice and auditing for investors
  • Business and financial support
  • Full start up support for new settings
  • Mock Ofsted inspections
  • Post-Ofsted and crisis support
  • Inspirational training and support for owners, managers and practitioners